Sylvie Krüger studied textile design at the Fachhochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft Reutlingen from 1994 to 1999. In 1997 she also studied at the Eindhoven Design Academy in the Netherlands.

In 2000 she founded the multidisciplinary design office Korridor, which specialized in several creative areas, including textile product design, textile interior design and exhibition design.

From 2004 to 2006 she managed the home textile studio of Wever automotive and upholstery fabric weaving mill where she was also responsible for the public image of the company.

Since 2006 she has worked as freelance designer specializing on the use of textiles within an architectural context to solve demands concerning space, acoustics, view, sun and light.
She collaborates regularly with architects as well as working for both private and commercial clients.

In 2009 she published the book Textile Architecture - Textile Architektur.

Based on the book the exhibition Textile Architecture was shown in the "State Textile and Industry Museum (tim)" in Augsburg, Germany from 20 April - 6 October, 2013. Sylvie Krüger did the curation and developed the exhibition design.



  • Conceptual design and realization of projects involving the use of textiles to define architectural space (curtains, partitions, sails etc.)
  • Exhibition design
  • Textile design
  • Material, colour and furniture conception for interiors


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