Sylvie Krüger designs flexible architecture with textiles.

Textiles are lightweight, flexible, transparent, opaque, thin, delicate, voluminous and temporary usable. They provide protection against heat or cold, dampen noise and make it possible to control the light and the view. Their diverse properties make them a highly interesting material in architectural application.

With soft and foldable materials, I create a flexible architecture and spatial compositions that create movement and change. The projects arise in an intensive examination of the task, the user and the place. The fulfillment of functional requirements and the design of a special aesthetics and feel are equivalent aspects. Historical applications and the handling of textiles in other cultures inspire me and influence my work.

As a textile expert, I advise architects and clients and work closely with them, as well as with specialist planners and garment makers. I take care of the entire project, from the design concept to detail planning and preparation of tenders to monitoring implementation and installation on site.