Acoustic curtain

buerovorhang, Vorhang, Raumteilung
Bürovorhang, Vorhang, Raumteilung, Akustik
Bürovorhang, Vorhänge, Akustik, Akustikvorhang
Akustikvorhänge, Vorhänge, Raumakustik
Vorhang, Akustik, Raumteilung
Vorhang, Raumteilung, Akustikvorhang
Vorhang, Wollvorhang, Akustikvorhang
Vorhang, Raumteilung, Akustikvorhang
Raumteilung, Akustikvorhang, Vorhänge

Place: Munich

Client: Andreas Ferstl Architekten

Design/Realization: 2019

Scope of work: Space defining curtain and acoustics

A three-piece curtain was created to flexibly cut off part of the large office space and hide the areas behind the curtain, such as the kitchen, the printer‘s room, and access to the toilet. The floor-to-ceiling curtain can be opened or closed as needed. It significantly improves room acoustics by reducing the reverberation time.

Images: Fabian Frinzel, Munich