Acoustic curtain, black-out and inner sun protection

Stadtmuseum Sonthofen Akustikvorhang

Place: Sonthofen, Germany

Client: City of Sonthofen

Architects: Andreas Ferstl Architects

Design/Realization: ongoing project

Scope of work: Acoustics, black-out and sun protection in the multifunctional room

A two-part, thick wool curtain is hung on the opposite sides of the room to improve the room acoustics by reducing the reverberation time. In addition, it hides the storage space behind on one side of the room. If necessary, the opaque curtain can be moved to darken the room.
In line with the orientation of the museum as an Allgäu local history museum, the acoustic curtain will consist of a hand-woven woolen fabric individually designed for the room.
A secondcurtain made of a light, translucent wool fabric is used as sun protection along the window front.

Visualization: Andreas Ferstl Architects, Munich