Room divisions and entrance curtain

Place: head office of „Landesverband Bayerischer Bauinnungen“, Munich, Germany

Architects: Andreas Ferstl as partner in Muck Petzet und Partner Architekten

Design/Realization: 2014-2015

Scope of work: Space creating curtains with sound-absorbing effect and entrance curtain

Through a specially developed curtain system, the administration building‘s conference room can be divided into almost any configuration to accommodate a wide variety of occasions: lectures, small meetings, larger conferences. The space dividing curtains are temporarily usable and individually changeable. The result is an interplay between opening and closing and between communication and withdrawal.
The curtain packages consist of a double-hanging heavy, sound-insulating textile quality in various shades of blue and gray, which improve room acoustics and reduce noise.
The digitally printed pattern of the entrance curtain with its different shades of blue is an abstraction of the logo of the Landesverband Bayerischer Bauinnungen.